Welcome to PADMA!

We have prepared our store's instruction manual so that you can enjoy shopping as easily as possible.

Table of Contents:

-Home Page Manual

-Points Instructions

-Category Search

-Create an Account

-Write a review (Register and get 100 Points)


Desktop View

PADMA Top page

Mobile View

PADMA Top page mobile

The basic desktop and mobile device have the same website style.

Red Arrow: Currency Bar. Overseas customers, please choose USD.

Blue Arrow: Language Bar. Overseas customers, please choose English.

Pink Arrow: Padma Point Page. Customers with a PADMA account can accumulate points and use them as a discount when shopping.

Jump to (Create an Account) to learn how to register.


Click POINT at the bottom left of the screen to display the following screen.

PADMA Point 1

If you do not have an account, please go to the create account screen from (Joint program).

If you already have an account, please login from (Sign in).

Customers points will be displayed as the following:

PADMA Point 2

Click (How to Earn Points)

This following screen will show you how to earn points.

PADMA Point 3

-You can earn 300 points by creating an account to Padma Store.

-Each 100 yen in your total purchase will earn you 1 Point. (For example if your total purchase is 100 yen.

-Following our Instagram will earn you 100 points.

-Writing a review can also earn you 100 points. This is done manually so make sure you write your PADMA account email address when writing a review. (more info here).


Points are exchangeable with discount coupon codes by clicking the screen shown below.

PADMA Point 4

You can set how many points you would like to redeem from your points on the screen shown below.

PADMA Point 5

Slide the dot to the right and fine-tune it with the - and + symbol. (A message will appear if you exceed your point exchange limit).

You can exchange all the points you have or set them as much as you like.

Points can be used with a minimum purchase of 1,000 yen.

After setting the points, click Redeem.

PADMA Point 6

The coupon code will be displayed, so please enter this code when ordering. The redeemed code will be added to the following coupon list. (shown below).

If you select (Apply Coupon Now), the coupon will be automatically applied on the check out screen.

If you get the coupon code before purchasing, you can complete your order without returning to the point exchange during your purchase.

Click (Coupon List)

The coupon code you currently have will be displayed in this page.

PADMA Point 7

Click (Point History)

  This will display your Points transaction details.

PADMA Point 8

The product category is displayed on the menu in the home page. You can either click (CATEGORY) or (ALL COLLECTION).


For mobile devices, click the menu icon (showm by arrow) on the top right corner of the home page.

PADMA カテゴリースマホ

The menu will be displayed as shown below, click CATEGORY and choose the following from categories displayed.

PADMA カテゴリースマホ2

PADMA カテゴリースマホ3


Desktop View: Click the account icon (shown by arrow) on the menu bar.

PADMA アカウント作成アイコンPC

Mobile View: Click the account icon (shown by arrow) on the menu bar.

The login screen will be displayed first. If you have already registered for an account in the new store, please log in here.

PADMA Accunt 1

Click Create Account (shown by arrow) to make a new account in the account creation page.

PADMA Account 2

Enter the required information and confirm.



You will get an email (by English) to notify that your account registration is successful.

Customers who register with PADMA for the first time will receive 300 points. Check the (POINT) icon at the bottom left of the screen after completing the registration for the points.


If you would like to leave a review, you can write it from this tab under the item description on the item detail page.


PADMA レビュー画面

Each product review will earn you 100 points.

To redeem the points, please enter your account email address in the brown frame), as points will be added manually to your registered account.

After entering the review, click (Submit Review) to send.

Feel free to contact us for more question and support.

Thank you!